Mongrel – Snakes

Who They Are: Mongrel, by definition, is a mixed-breed, and this female fronted band known as “The hardest working band in Boston” (Metal Edge) lives up to its name. Fronted by Jessica Sierra, who has drawn comparisons to great vocalists ranging from Janis to Otep, the band mixes its hard rock, punk, and metal influences to rave reviews. With Evolution, the band members diverse styles come together better than ever.

Why I like It: I’m a big fan of the crunchy guitar. You know what I’m talking about right? Mongrel’s “Snakes” it a perfect example of the crunchy guitar style. I dig the vibe on this track, it’s perfectly bitchy in the right way. I like a band that can get as pissed as I do over certain things. Listen to the lyrics and you’ll see what I mean. Jessica’s vocals are nothing short of awesome and the comparisons I’ve seen about her are right on track.

Would I Listen To More of Their Stuff: Yes. I’m hoping that in other tracks there is more of the frustration/anger that I heard in “Snakes”.

Mongrel Is:

Jessica Sierra – vocals
Adam Savage – guitar
Michael Ariza – bass
Mike Hogan – drums

Where You Can Buy It:

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