Moovalya – Straight Into You

Nice punk tempo, crazy guitar work and that not quite but almost flat vocal track. It’s gotta be punk music! Yippy Skippy bitches!!!! I’ve always loved the almost disjointed style that punk brings. There is a fantastic breakneck speed to the drums.  The guitar work is crunchy and distorted just like it’s supposed to be in a punk song. Lyrically if you can keep up, it’s a well written song. If your a fan of punk music you know that not all punk lyrics are good. So I gotta give em some credit for that alone. There are some names you can drop from the old school punk scene and I think before to long this guy is going to be among those guys.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Lemme drop the F bomb and say Fuck yeah! Can’t wait to listen to more of their work. It’s been a while since I found a new punk band I could get behind.


Who They Are: CC2K: “Their sound and attitudes border somewhere between Anti-Flag and 30 Foot Fall. You know, that straight forward punk rock that is fun and meaningful all in the same breath. ”

EIY: ““They are punk rock to the bone, and brought out the moshpit to prove it. I was happy to see that the pit wasn’t violent, and that kids were helping each other up when they fell. Reminded me of the punk shows I used to go to back in the day.”

The Band is:

Ben – Guitar/Vocals
Sean – Bass/Vocals
Mitch – Drums
Where You Can Buy It:

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