Wolf Critton – China Doll

Wow. I needed to take a minute before starting this review to collect my thoughts. I’m not even sure where I should start here. He may have one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. His change ups are flawless, his tone never, ever goes flat and he has a grit to his voice that he can call on at will. The amount of emotion he can pour into his voice is almost to much to take. You can’t help but feel raw from the amount of soul he is able to put into his song. It’s amazing to listen to. He’s also a very accomplished guitar player. Loved the rhythm and pacing for the track. It works really well with the lyrics and his song style.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I’m really excited about this guys voice. I really want to hear him blow to doors off it, so to speak. I’m actively planning to check out any thing else he has out or puts out. As of right now I’m going through all my playlists to see where he best fits. Oh yes, this song will be on my phone.


Who They Are: Sponsored by Luna Guitars with the new “Vista Wolf”, featured on ITunes App Magisto, after his new song “She Cry’s Wolf” hit 10,000 Views, and Featured on CT News sharing his story Nation Wide with all variations of media. A New York Based Singer/Songwriter and Iraq War Veteran. Wolf Critton is reaching thousands with his story of Pain, Loss, forgiveness and Courage. Take a minute to listen to his soulful music and know his heart.

The Band is:

Wolf Critton
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