Musical Juice – Security Blanket

It’s been a minute since I chilled with some ambient tunes! Musical Juice has created a track that is both mellow and uptempo all at the same time. The guitar work really works to add some spice to the overall music. It’s got an unusual mix of elements going on. I feel some 80’s vibes but with that guitar it has a rock sense as well. And I’m pretty damn sure I’ve got some horns going on as well that feel a bit jazz style. I am really kinda digging on the horn work. The drum beat keeps every thing on a nice even keel with out being really in your face. The slow build with the smooth exit were the perfect appetizer and dessert for this kind of song.

Ambient has never really been my thing, but for those who love it I strongly suggest this track. It has a lot of music which is nice because it doesn’t get stale. While the tempo stays solid the variant styles of music offer a nice layered feel to the tune. Overall it was a good ambient track. I don’t really have any suggestions for pairing this with other songs since I don’t tend to listen to this genre.


Musical Juice is a band of songwriters and musicians from North East England. Our music is heavy with strong melody lines and close vocal harmonies. We compose original songs that have stories to tell. Stories of circumstances and events that may have also touched your life and we hope will have a special meaning for you.

The band has been around since the early underground rock movement and despite the pressures of being independent, we have always refused to sell our souls to the corporate music industry. 

In recent years, the internet has turned the business upside down. The record companies and management agencies have finally lost their stranglehold and we are now able to operate freely without the fear of being blacklisted.

This website is a work in progress, so please revisit as we’ll be regularly adding new content. We have a huge selection of old and new material and are currently busy recording and putting albums together.

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