Shock & Awe – Peace of Mind

I was quite surprised at how well this came together considering the ages of the players in the band. While you can tell that the vocalist has some maturing to do vocally it’s not what I would consider an issue with the music. The lyrics are really song and I felt that there was a strong connection between the vocals and the lyrics. The musical composition had a few hitches I thought. There are moments where the musical layering gets a bit muddled, but that is some thing I think they will work out as they continue their journey as a band. I gotta give it up to the guitarist because there are some pretty damn decent licks in this track. The vocalist has a good range and showcases an beautifully clean vocal style. The drum line is nice and tight keeping good time for the rest of the band.

I admit I am curious enough about this band to listen to some more tracks. I don’t know that I would have this one on one of my playlist but that has less to do with the talent of the band and more to do with the fact I just don’t normally listen to this style of music. I will say that it had an overall “up” feeling to it and would work well in lists that are meant to put you in a smiley happy kind of mood.

Who They Are:

Shock & Awe is currently working on their first CD release. The band has already recorded several original songs. Their originals are very diverse and they also play a wide range of cover songs from Alternative to Pop to Punk to Rock with the ability to entertain tween/teens as well adult crowds.

Although all the members are 16 or under, Shock & Awe are seasoned musicians playing for over 7 years and have a lifetime of natural talent. The band members have always had an overwhelming fascination with music. Siblings Eddie, Alexa and Jesse received their first instruments at ages 9, 8 & 7 and created an original song the same day. Since then they have been dedicated to perfecting their talents. The dedication and persistence over the years paid off as they got a little older. Since their dad is a drummer, they were able to participate in jam sessions and play parties and gigs where his band was playing from a young age. Now they are booking shows of their own.

Eddie and Shawn have been bros since the 5th grade so it was a natural decision for him to take over the role as bassists when Alexa decided to focus mainly on vocals and songwriting in 2009.

Their goal is to record a full length CD in 2012.

Band Members

Shock & Awe:Vocals: Alexa Stephenson

Drums: Jesse Stephenson

Bass/Vocals: Chandler Scott

Rhythm Guitar: Colby Ross

Lead Guitar/Vocals: Eddie Stephenson


Where You Can Get It:

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