Nino Lucarelli – Easier

I love the upbeat nature of this jam. It’s got a good upbeat tempo and leaves with these ideas of endless freedom. Remember how you felt leaving school the last day of the year with summer just out there waiting for you? That is how this song feels to me. I love the message, you gotta go for it and never give up. I think these day’s that’s some thing every one could hear a bit more in their lives. Times are tough and he even addresses that face in the song. In facet that is another thing about the song that I liked, was the smart lyrics.  Especially that part about waking up and looking at a screen.

Honestly I loved this song. It has a great upbeat tempo that you can groove to and lyrics you can really get behind. To me that makes it a sing along song. And tell the truth, who doesn’t love those. I would like to put this song on my list with FUN, oh and just about every summer anthem you’ve ever heard. I don’t know why but for me that would be home.


Who They Are:

Hello! My name is Nino Lucarelli and I love to create art that appeals to the eyes and ears. I discovered my passion for music production in high school when my band decided to ask our parents for money to record a demo cd. It was the best decision of my life. Since then, I’ve spent the passed 5 years of my life writing, recording, playing and producing music that means something to me. I currently have one semester remaining before I have my Associates Degree in Audio Production through Scottsdale Community College. As for work, I am the Audio/Video Coordinator for Plexus Worldwide, a Scottsdale, AZ, based health and wellness MLM company. I provide the services of commercial songwriting, audio/video production, photography, and other media related tasks to Plexus that give the company’s distributors powerful marketing tools to build their businesses and change their lives. I’m available for private services including music production, engineering/mixing, mastering, and general multimedia consulting.

The Band is:

Nino Lucarelli

Website: Nino Lucarelli

Twitter: @nino_lucarelli

Youtube: Nino Lucarelli

Where You Can Get It:



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