Odd Hours – Khaleesi

Ok, this may be one of the most original songs I’ve gotten to review so far. It took me a while listening to it figure out what I wanted to say about it. This chick reminds me so much of Debbie Harry back in the day vocally. It’s that raw energy that almost always seems barely contained. She’s not always on with the vocals, but that power is always felt. The music falls somewhere between some alt rock and punk which I would imagine is why they list post – punk as their genre. I thought there was some great rock style guitar work going on in there that was born to be matched with the vocals. The drum work is really fun and fast paced as any punk/rock song should be.

An enthusiastic two thumbs up for this track. I’m a GoT fan so the name caught me right away. I thought the overall vibe was fun and made feel a lot more energetic. To me that is exactly what this song brings to the table, high energy. Feel free to flame me for this in the comments, but I’m not aware of any other current bands with this sound so I can’t give you a good playlist recommendation. Just download it and throw it in to a random list and you’ll be fine!


Who They Are:
Odd Hours (OH) is a post-punk rock band based in Detroit. With influences from Siouxsie and the Banshees to NIN, their stage show is a combination of sexy, weird, emotional energy. Formed in 2010, OH has played major Detroit festivals and released two EPs and a remix tape, as well as several music videos. OH is currently working on their new EP, ‘norepinephrine + dopamine,’ for a spring 2015 release.

The Band is:
Natasha Beste: vocals, keys
Tim Jagielo: guitar, loops
Clint Stuart: bass
Randy Hanley Jr.: drums





Where You Can Get It:

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