Hedon – Annihilation

This may not be the heaviest song I’ve listen to or reviewed musically but those vocals are straight up hard core. One has to think this guy is going through throat spray by the gallon! The vocals are a mix between screaming and just plain dirty vocals. I would have expected those vocal styling’s combined with a much faster back beat, but this is really more of a mid tempo jam. I gotta say that I liked the mix. The drum work is nice and tight creating a web for the guitar, bass and vocals to play over. The guitar work is pretty dirty even though it’s more background to the vocal track. There is some killer guitar work in the solo section that you really just have to hear.

We will call this song the next evolution in my journey into metal music. I don’t normally listen to this style of music because honestly it often scares me a bit. I’m really looking forward to sharing this one with my hubby and my son. They are way more into this genre of music than I am and they’ll be able to give me some good ideas on who I could put this on a playlist with. Since I don’t listen to this kind of music often enough I’m not sure who I would pair this with considering what I have on my server right now. If you have some suggestions, drop em in the comments section!


Who They Are:
An awesome thrash band based out of Issaquah, WA, Hedon has played with the likes of Havok (twice), Finntroll, Blackguard, Metsatoll, DI, Destruction, Krisiun, Exmortus, and Wretched as well as headlined at some of Seattle’s greater venues such as The Comet, The Crocodile, and Studio Seven. We are currently looking for new members.

The Band is:
John Mahaffey – Guitar
Alex Paradis – Guitar
Davis Bonebrake – Drums
Jordan Farrow – Vocals





Where You Can Get It:

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