Oracle – Gamechanger

Who They Are:  Oracle are melodic hardcore quintet based in Northampton, UK. Comprised of drummer Benjamin Williams, guitarists Jack Aaron & Kiza Collard, bassist Sam Maclean and headed up by frontman and lead vocalist Ashyy Fenlon. The band since their start in 2012 have built on and solidified their place within the local talented music scene. After sharing the stage with a host of high quality bands and writing new material, Oracle are gearing up to show their full potential in coming months.
Why I Like Them:  So here we have the illegitimate child of Static X and Sepultura.  This song has a truly breakneck speed with some thundering double bass through the majority of the song. The vocals were incredible. But then I have a lot of respect for singers that can get all growly/screaming with it. Of the thrash bands I’ve listened to the subtle break in the speed is an anomaly. I can’t say that I didn’t like it, cause I did. I found it to be an interesting twist to thrash music. I would just like to know if you get a free lifetime supply of throat lozenges when you start doing that rad ass screamy/growly thing.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Sure, every once in a while I crave some thrash music.


The Band is:

Vox: Ashyy Fenlon
Guitar: Jack Aaron
Guitar/Backing Vox: Kiza Collard
Bass: Sam Maclean
Drums: Benjamin William

Where You Can Buy It:

Coming Soon

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