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Who They Are: Reverse Order is a dynamic pop rock band that combines powerful teen anthems with driving guitars and infectious melodies. Their unique blend of two lead vocalists sets them apart from most bands in their genre. Coming together in 2008 the band has made a huge impact in the Northeast Region, and the Nation as a whole. Thriving through over 500 self-booked shows highlighted by two Bamboozle appearances, a Vans Warped Tour appearance, 5 national tours, and constant features on Local and National TV, Reverse Order is taking the music industry by storm.

Why I Like Them: They seem spunky to me! I love the upbeat rhythm of the song. I bet this is a ton of fun in an arena. I can see the crowd going absolutely nuts. I’m reluctant to give it the pop/rock label because I know how some people will take that. This isn’t brainless pop/rock at all. We have some solid lyrics and an awesome beat going on. I also gotta say that the guitar work is pretty sizzling. Though there is no double bass involved the drummer sounds like he’s working his ass off. Respect.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes. I think they would be a great fit with my Maroon 5 list.

The Band is:

John Russo – Lead Vocals, Guitar (@ReverseJohn)
Cruise Russo – Drums, Vocals (@CruiseRusso)
Drew Katsock- Guitar (@ReverseDrew)
Frank Spangler- Bass (@FrankSpangla)

Where You Can Buy It:

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