Overblood – Childhood’s Grave

I’m pretty sure the guitarist’s fingers are on fire during at least one part of this out and out metal jam. I’m not sure what I’m enjoying more in this track, the guitar work or the drum line. Both are just blazing and amazing. That double bass is absolutely killer! The vocal work is tight as hell with some serious screaming/growling vocals. This particular song has a lot of energy to it with the speed at which they play. I couldn’t get a good read on the vocals due to the style. I often have issues getting the vocals on songs like this. But that’s always been ok. I kind of look on the vocals as another instrument when used like this. It round out the song and makes a solid difference in the end result.

I’ve been exposed to a lot more hardcore metal during these last few months than I’ve had in most of my adult life. So finding songs like these that I like is so much fun. I plan to download this song and put it on my list for the radio show. Mostly cause this one is a lot of fun to listen to and heavy as hell. I’m still working on a playlist for here at the house that focuses on metal songs like this. So I can’t say what I would match it with since I’m still figuring it out. If you have suggestion please let me know in the comments.


I’m not sure what I’m enjoying more in this track, the guitar work or the drum line. Click To Tweet

Who They Are:
Born in 1996 in Udine (Italy), Overblood proved to be an active part in the Italian underground since their beginning.

The band reached a stable and competitive formation only after a first demo (“Travel Soul” – 1999) and several live shows.

In 2001 the band recorded a full-length self-produced album called “Our blood” that was received with many words of encouragement from the Italian and foreign press.

The intensive live activity for the promotion of the album causes an unfortunate instability and only in the summer of 2006, after a line-up change, Overblood found again stability and motivations.

Since then the band has worked hard to re-define their changed style, in order to find a new sound following the ideas of the new formation.

The mini cd “Infected Society” (recorded at SaoJo Studio and mastered at Cutting Room Studios in Sweden) is the product of this re-elaboration.

In 2011 the band recorded at the prestigious Fear Studio Recording in Ravenna the new full-length album called “Excision”.

In 2013 Overblood released the official video for their song “Against the holy alliance”.

The Band is:
Marco Felettigh: Voice
Flavio Pasquin: Guitar
Vincenzo Leonardi: Guitar
Matteo Baruffaldi: Bass
Marco Nicola Scarel: Drums





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