Play For Keeps – What’s The Point

This is a very sweet up tempo song with a rock roots sound and pop inspired lyrics. I love the harmonies in the chorus of the song. Its really fun and had me tapping my toes along. Vocally I like this guy. He has a really good range and the sustained notes are beautifully executed. There is one high sustained not that this guy pulls off there towards the end that is really impressive.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes it was kinda fun.


Who They Are: In an industry that is ever changing, Play For Keeps has a pretty good start on what is to come. Founding member/lead singer/guitarist Cameron Dettman tries to keep that in mind every day of his life. “We have something that is sometimes more valuable than money, which is chemistry” says Dettman. “Play For Keeps’s musical chemistry is the key to our success so far.” PFK has made them a name for themselves across the Las Vegas valley.

The Band is:

Lead Vox/Guitar/Keys: Cameron Dettman
Lead Guitar/Vox: Brian Jones
Drums: Joseph Gilbert

Where You Can Buy It:

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