Proxima Control – Blackest Window

I like the sinister overtones in this track. Not just lyrically but also musically. The vocalist has the ability to do some growly vocals that were pretty damn memorable. I would love to hear more of it. The guitar work is really solid with some truly impressive moments. The drummer gets an opportunity to really shine about mid song with some great skin work. I love the sustained growl there towards the end of the song. Over all this is a pretty decent track.

I do like dark and sinister music from time to time, so I would probably check out a few more tunes. They are working on album, I’m interested to see what they give us.


Who They Are:

Proxima Control is a metal/alt rock band that forms a melodic symphony unheard in today’s music scene with aims to reinvent the genre and revitalizing the scene with some guidance from the classics. You will know their name… Band Interests
world domination

The Band is:

Jack Hope (Lead Vocals)
John Polimeni (Guitar)
Matthew Zaharenios (Guitar)
Ben Souder (Bass Guitar)
Alex Cohen (Drums)

Where You Can Buy It:

Unsure at the moment.

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