Countless Goodbyes – Falling Down

Oh man, if your thing is hardcore in your face metal than have I got the song for you. Heavy, fast, growling and a furious temp will certainly get your blood pumping. There is some really brilliant guitar work in this track! I’m really quite taken with the musical composition here. I would love to spend some time watching the drummer in this band.  I’m not sure how he can keep the pace up during the whole song. Even with the small breaks in the drum line this has got to be an endurance run. Vocally the guy’s got the perfect tone for his growls. No I can’t understand half of what he’s saying, but who cares. In a song like this the vocals really do become another instrument in the band. All in all I liked this track quite a bit. It’s a little harder than what I normally listen to, but I would listen to this track again in a heart beat.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Like I said, this is a bit harder a song than I normally listen to but I liked it well enough that I would listen to more of their songs.


Who They Are: Metal/Metalcore band from Pori – Finland

The Band is:

Vocals – Jonathan Anttila
Guitar- Jancarlo Rodriguez
Guitar – Ilari Ukkola
Drums – André Rodriguez
Bass – Lauri Lilja

Where You Can Buy It:

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