Pushing the Sun – Tragic Love

This is a great track! I’m loving the guitar work throughout the song. There were some really awesome riffs and slides. Reminds me a bit of the guitar work back in the days of “big” guitars. It’s got a tinge of dirty, which to me is always a win. The drum line is a solid up tempo hard rock beat. I bet this guy’s working his ass off during this song.  The vocals kill. It’s the perfect match for the style of the song. I love the touch of gravel to his voice, not too much but just enough. He’s got a great range and the sustained notes are brilliant.

I want this song right now. I want to put it on a playlist with some of other really guitar heavy songs. I’ll throw it on my phone and have it ready when I take my trip this Friday. Fans of hard rock are going to appreciate the guitar and drum work especially.


Who They Are:

Bringing light to your life with fire in their hands- Guitarist Billy Connally launched Pushing the Sun in 2012. After his successful instrumental album release, The Silent Canvas on Steve Vai’s Digital Nations label, Connally was ready to return to his roots — a rock band with a charismatic lead vocalist. Releasing a 3 song ep and a music video for their song Tragic Love, the band has rapidly gained momentum playing a ton of gigs in Northern California including an opening slot for Rockstar Uproar when it came to the Shoreline Amphitheater. Pushing the Sun worked with producer Tim Narducci (Systematic & SpiralArms) on their upcoming full length album “House of Lights” which is scheduled to be released in January of 2014. Their music can be described as a balance of musicianship and songwriting that is constantly evolving and dynamic, while still maintaining songs rich with addictive riffs and catchy hooks. Pushing the Sun consists of Andrew Saman on Vocals, Billy Connally on Guitar, A.J. Curtis on Drums, Johaan Hill on Bass and Neil Hagge on Keys.

The Band is:

Andrew Saman – Vocals
Billy Connally – Guitar
A.J. Curtis – Drums
Johaan Hill – Bass
Neil Hagge – Keys





Where You Can Get It:


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