Kenny Barney – Hollow

Love the fact that this is an acoustic jam. It really allows you to focus on this guy’s voice, which is amazing by the way. I love the lyrics I am able to really connect to the story thanks to his vocal style. I really like the natural breaks in his voice. He’s able to use that to really underscore the lyrics and it shows a vulnerability that is necessary to carry a song like this. There is a lot of pain and anger in his voice during many points in the song. Makes me wonder what he’s thinking about when he’s singing it.

Kenny has an amazing vocal style. At least in this song he wears his emotions on his sleeve and I think that is always beautiful. I want to download this and put it into my general rotation playlist. That one has pretty much all my favorite songs. Sometimes I don’t have a particular vibe or type of song or even band I feeling as much as I just wanna be surprised by what comes on. I think this would be a great addition to that list.


Who They Are:
Hey guys! I’m Kenny! Im 20 years old, and this is where I’ll be uploading my solo work as a singer/songwriter. Im slowly becoming more experienced in recording and engineering, so as time progresses I hope to upload better quality sounding music. Stay with me, I won’t let you down!

The Band is:
Kenny Barney




Where You Can Get It:

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