Random AKA MegaRan – Best Friends


I love the positive nature of this track! I am really grooving on the flow and Random’s vocal style. I’ve listened to a lot of rap songs here on the site, but this is one of the few that I feel like there is a solid connection between Random and the vocals. It’s got a lot of bounce. He can come over and raid my fridge any time, just do a little rap for me first! Not a lot of songs like this leave me with a smile on my face. As a huge plus this is a song you can play around the kiddo’s and not have to worry about them singing it. Musically, yeah it’s got some synth style to it. I know I complain about that a lot but I think it works here. It feels really playful behind Random’s rap.

So I love this song. I want to send this to my best friends because I think they would love it as well. I want to have this on my server and my phone. I need to put together a list of songs that just kinda make me happy. This one would probably be one of the first songs I would put on the list. I’m talking about every thing from the song “Happy” to “Uptown Funk” and “Word Crimes”. Hey they all put a smile on my face and a bounce in my step just like this song does!


Who They Are:

Random, aka Mega Ran. Half-teacher, half musician, all hustle. As one of the first independent artists to secure an exclusive licensing agreement with a major videogame developer (CAPCOM), Random manages the unthinkable by dazzling retro gamers while garnering respect from Hip-Hop’s harshest critics. Random’s unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way into movies, video games, and even coursework at several universities. Oh, and he teaches middle school English.

The Band is:

Raheem Jarbo various producers, DJ’s and guest artists.




Where You Can Get It:

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