RavenCroft – Greed

Nice dirty guitars always make me smile. The vocals are pretty sweet as well. They remind me of some of the 80’s rock I love so much. Oh yea, that is a total 80’s scream right there. The guitar work is tight as hell with a serious love for down and dirty. My favorite thing may well be the drums though. I do love a good percussion line. There isn’t anything that they are doing anything different in that vein, just doing it right. The timing is perfect and the drum line allows the guitar and the bass to do this awesome Vulcan mind meld thing.

So what I’m saying to you is if you have a love for 80’s rock then you have to give this track a listen. As far as the retro 80’s style bands this is one of the best. They managed to take the best of the 80’s and make them all shiny and new with some modern techniques. So nothing here sounds stale or like you’ve heard the song before. That always bums me out.


Who They Are:
Ravencroft is a powerhouse rock-and-roll band whose music is marked by powerful and soulful lead vocals backed by hard-driving guitar sounds and a tight flashy rhythm section . Ravencroft music reminds you of all the great rock bands, yet sounds like none other! If you like Rock n’ Roll, you’ll love Ravencroft ! They are currently recording their 3 CD.

The Band is:
David Roberts-Lead Vocals
Larry Ellington-Lead Guitar/Vocals
Michael Eckeberger-Guitar/Vocals
Alan Kirk-Bass
Clayton Jones-Drums/Vocals




Where You Can Get It:

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