GutterLIFE – Pursuit Of Hopelessness

Thank you, thank you so much for making this song. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this track. It’s perfectly punk/metal! The guitar work is amazing. It’s fast and tight with just the right amount of grunginess to the playing style. The drums are thunderous and totally in your face. This particular track breaks tons of the laws of music but that is what makes this song. It’s got a totally chaotic nature running from upbeat to down tempo but always with pure punk flair. The vocals are exactly what you would want from a punk/metal song. Very rage filled and delivered with perfect conviction.

Can I please have this song? I will play it here, I will play it there, I will play it anywhere. I gotta have this on my phone and my server. Additionally I wanna kick people’s ass with this one on the radio show! There wasn’t anything here that I could pick on and say needs work. All it needs is to be in one of my playlist with some Rise Against and Imminent Riot!





Where You Can Get It:

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