Sans Meridian – Muddy Water

Gimme more of that funky ass bass! So love to see bass used in such an upfront manor. Thanks for that. When the vocals kick in you knees go a bit week. This guy has a way sexy voice with just the right tone and amount of grit. Reminds me just a bit of Sully Erna’s voice to be honest. Just a bit more sex in his vocals. I could listen to this guy sing a grocery list and be perfectly content.  So now that I’ve fangirled the lead singer let’s talk about the music. The guitar work is damn near perfect. It isn’t blazing fast but it’s not a slow set of riffs here. What it lacks in speed it more than makes up for in power. I’m catching some really great cord work. The drummer sets a perfect pace for the song. It’s an almost slow (but not quite) pounding beat. Your not going to be dancing to this one at clubs, but maybe in the bedroom with your SO could be awesome.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes, yes, yes! This song was a complete package in my eyes, so the idea that they have more/ will make more music pretty much makes my night. I have a “Sexy” list with bands or songs that I think are just sexy as well. I’m talking about songs like Fire Woman by The Cult. It that one doesn’t make you randy you really should see a doctor. This song has to go on that list A.S.A.P!


Who They Are: Navigating between the sounds of rock, alternative and metal, Sans Meridian is forging a new direction from a classic style. While not trying to reinvent the wheel, Sans Meridian brings that fresh inspiration with a heavy-meets-alternative sound. As a group of eclectic musicians, the chemistry created an artistic relationship that paints with emotions, sketches familiar narratives, and builds a soundscape you can’t escape from. Echoing a unique similarity to modern rock, you can hear the ghosts of ‘90’s grunge while bending your ear are the intricate harmonies and dramatic orchestration reminiscent of metal and alternative rock. Driving rhythms pulse with a sense of finesse and craft that briefly touch the soul of progressive rock. The melodies are alluring and engaging, the lyrics are haunting and poignant, and the sound, captivating and beguiling.

The Band is:

Website: Sans Meridian

Twitter: @SansMeridian


Where You Can Buy It:

reverbnation-iconblack[1] spotify


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