Self Distruction – Rough Draft

I like the slow intro it works well to create a build up to the vocals. It’s a rap song but there are some harmonies. I’m hearing so me good flow and the story is compelling. I would not suggest this for work, unless you have one of those jobs where they don’t care what you listen to. There’s a lot of real life being talked about in some rather raw terms. The song leaves me feeling a bit morose. A lot of times listening to songs like this leave me with that feeling. Not that the song is necessarily a downer, but songs about the real world aren’t flowery and happy most of the time. I would love to get a hold of the lyrics to this song and examine them for hours.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Rap isn’t so much my style. So I can’t say I would put it on a playlist. I do have some Eminem stuff that I listen to from time to time. There are some tracks on his records that would match the tone and style of this track perfectly. I would recommend that if you are a fan of rap you give this and all of Self Distructions work a listen and decide for yourself.


Who They Are: The elements behind the music are that of urban funk they blend the WestCoast sound with the vocals that make every track shine . Are Record Label is independent but we co-exist through the oporations of many sub-labels as all the artist are involved in different projects but come together as one to get the job done . Self Distruction is the force behind all the works of the group he oversees each project and brings his cutting edge abilites to hand to work the songs crafted into perfection . Some may even call him a perfectionist whose eager to get the right sound out of what he is listening for . Have been involved in music for his whole life .

The Band is:

Self Distruction
Reappo Seize

Website: Self Distruction

Twitter: @arkind1979

Where You Can Buy It:

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