Scream Blue Murder – What Goes Around Comes Around

OH hells yeah, this is what I needed right now. Thundering drums, completely ass kicking guitars and some vocals I can’t even understand! The vocalist has an amazing range that he exercises here, going from what sounds like the higher end of his register to a deep tone with the growling.  This is what metal is all about. I’m so grooving on those screaming vocals. This is another one of those tracks where I can’t tell you about the lyrics but that’s ok. In a song like this I tend to think of the vocals as another instrument. The pacing on this track is really uptempo with some unrelenting drum work. The guitarist is also getting one hell of a work out. There is a small piano interlude in the middle of the songs that is quite perfect for the jam.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes. If this metal masterpiece doesn’t get your ass up and moving you better check your pulse. I would recommend putting this on a playlist with bands like Slayer.


Who They Are: We are a metal band from Coventry, formed in May 2011. Recently recorded an EP with Joe and Sam graves, members of With One Last Breath at Innersound Studios! 6th December 2014 “Cut Throat Youth” EP Release

The Band is:

Aaron Bloomer – Lead Vocals
Jamie Bloomer – Drums
Alex Ablett – Guitar
Harry Goodwin – Guitar
Luke Chapman – Bass

Website: Scream Blue Murder

Twitter: @SBMmetal

Youtube: Jaime Bloomer

Where You Can Buy It:

itunes-logo[1] spotify  reverbnation-iconblack[1]


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