The Gatsby Affair – Daydream

Nice poppy upbeat tempo on the intro. The vocalist has such a sweet voice, with a higher register. Love the groove in the chorus, I can see singing along with this song in the car of while I’m doing the house work. I think the song is really well written and I gotta say for a pop style ditty like this it’s very refreshing. I find most pop music to be trite at best. Well done on the lyrics guys. The pacing is damn near perfect. I love the way the music has a couple of drop outs. It’s a great way to emphasize a line in a song. Musically the drums are well done and create a nice back beat for the rest of the band. The guitar is also really nice. Not over played but very much there.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Sure. I like a well done pop song every now and then. I am not ashamed at all to admit that I keep P!nk, One Republic, Maroon 5 and others readily available and on several playlists. I think this song would go well with any of those bands. I’m planning to check out more of their stuff and if it’s all as solid as this song then I will be purchasing tracks in the very near future.


Who They Are: No band situation is ever the same due to member changes, financing, and overall creative differences in the writing process. But with a newly remodeled studio located in the Pasadena area, everything is starting to take shape for these four guys from Southern California. The Gatsby Affair is In the process of recording their self-titled debut E.P. To be released nationwide by fall/winter of 2014. Stay tuned for more updates on their studio progress and tour info.

The Band is:

Ron Beem – Vocals/Guitar
James Monroy – Guitar
Matt Groves – Bass
Kevin Nahai – Drums

Website: The Gatsby Affair

Twitter: @TheGatsbyAffair

Youtube: The Gatsby Affair Music

Where You Can Buy It:

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