SESTRIC – Bitch Named Internet

Who They Are: A template with Les Pauls, Marshalls, piercing vocals and tight drum & bass grooves paint a familiar rock picture, but the craft of the songwriting and the way the performances are aggressively delivered are refreshing and stand out from the din of today’s rock music.


Why I Like Them: Oh man this is a funny ass song! I love the lyrics so freaking much. Vocally I’m really enjoying the tone of this guys voice. It’s nice and gritty but he can hit some great high notes with out losing any of that grit. Nice dirty guitar work as well, which given the content of the song is a bit necessary. There is an awesome guitar solo that you have to check out. Oh, I do feel like I have to warn you this song is so NSFW. So make sure your boss isn’t around if your going to listen to it in your cubicle.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Oh yeah. I can’t wait to listen to some more.


The Band is:

The most recent line-ups are:

West Coast
Chris Sestric – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Satoshi Ichiyanagi – Bass
Yutaka Ichiyanagi – Drums
Adam Sweet – Guitar and Back up vocals

East Coast
Chris Sestric – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Ben Hubacher – Drums, Back up vocals
Derek Porupsky – Bass, Back up vocals

Where You Can Buy It:

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