Forging The Truth – Warriors

Who They Are: This metal-core / electronicore 5 piece comes from the Manorville / Mastic area where there is nothing to do but find shows to go to and create music to get one of your own! Inspired and influenced by Woe, Is Me, The Word Alive, I See Stars, and Asking Alexandria, Forging The Truth is ready to take the Long Island music scene by storm, one mosh pit at a time.


Why I Like Them: Oh my those are some beautiful harmonies.  The vocalist has a nice round strong voice and is also able to scream his ass off. So total props for that. It’s a personal favorite to see harmony and screamy all in the same song.  There is a really pretty piano intro that I really like that get’s backed by an awesome drum rhythm. I love the slow build that this song offers as it enters the chorus. I also want to give them a nod for the lyrical content.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes, I feel like they have a fan in the making right now.


The Band is:

Justin Peeling
Andrew Kohn
Shane Egan

Where You Can Buy It:

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