Shotgun Rodeo – Firewalker

Do you dig on dark heavy music vibes? Then have I got the track for you. From the minute it starts you know it’s going to be an interesting ride. I’m really entranced by the vocals. Their vocalist can pull off some really dark deep vocals as well as a nice clean higher tone. This creates an amazing balance, almost like the whole light/dark thing. This is such an epic sounding song. The lyrics are really strong and I love the obvious connection between the vocalist and the lyrics. Musically there are no compalints over here. The song has nice modulation alternating from a dark pounding rhythm to a more upbeat rockish style. The guitar work is very reminiscent of the big rock sounds of the 80’s. Love the fret work, it takes you all over the place. And that solo is to die for. As I said I love all the elements and how they came together to produce this rock/metal gem.

There is no doubt that I am loving this track. I would love to have it on my server and my phone. Due to all the change ups in the song you could put it with just about any rock or metal band. I was considering a match up with H.I.M., some Avenged Sevenfold and Zombie Sam. I’m really wishing I had this track a while ago, just cause I like it so damn much. 🙂

The Band is:
Nino Escopeta – Vocals
Don Shrediablo – Guitars
Sinner Marstad – Bass
Vegzilla – Drums

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