To Comment, or Not To Comment

As a music lover I enjoy writing my song reviews and posting links to various social media sites. I’m always pleased when the subject of my post takes the time out on twitter to say thank you, honestly it makes my day but it’s also kind of a bite in the ass.

As with all bloggers I spend a fair amount of time researching, collecting links and writing my posts. I try to be fair and positive with everything I write. I also make sure that every post gets promoted on all my chosen social media outlets and to be fair I’ve had several bands that I’ve reviewed say thank you on Twitter or Facebook. Now, not that I’m bitching but let’s be honest a comment on your review is a great way to say thank you.

But it’s more than that.

Commenting when some one writes about you is also a way for you to communicate with the blogger who did the write up. Let’s face it, not every thing can be said in 140 characters. Letting a blogger know what you think about a review or opinion via comment will start a conversation and more often than not others will chime in. This is a win win for you and for the blogger.

It encourages others to read the review and in the case of sites like this, listen to your music so they can join the conversation. Every one wants to put their 2 cents in on something. Giving people the opportunity to share their own thoughts can give you a better idea of what fans (old and new) want to see or hear from you.

The short and skinny of things is this: There is never to much promotion. Any thing you can do to reach out to people is a good no great thing. Even if it’s just a short “read your review and I thought you nailed it” is going to endear you to the blogger and they will be far more likely to blog about you again. Plus fans/users always love to hear what you have to say. Your the reason they are reading that article, reward them by giving them a way to share their love (or hate for that matter). Yea, it’s a bitch and your going to spend a good amount of time a week doing it, but I promise you will see an increase in your users/fan-base in a short period of time.

Think I’m off my rocker crazy? Tell me all about it in the comments section below!

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