Silverside – Long Road Down

Who They Are: Silverside isn’t just a band, it’s the story of our lives on audio. It’s an ever growing tale of love, hardship, success, and all things few and far between. With each day as we grow, we couldn’t be more excited to watch this story unfold. Join us on our journey. Live, love, and learn. But most importantly, Live.

Why I Like Them: I love the theme to this song. I think lyrically every one can relate to what these guys are saying. I think I’ve listened to this song 3 or 4 times now and it just keeps getting better every time. There’s just enough gruff in the vocals that it’s not super sweet like it could have been. I can feel the emotion that this guy is putting out there. Musically I love the drums and guitar. Amazing work on all sides. What I want to do is get their album, curl up and spend some quality time with me and my music.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: For sure I would. It’s not exactly dance music, but I spend a lot of time driving and singing along with my music. I can see myself singing along with these guys while I’m driving.


The Band is:

Dan Zemanek – Vocals/Guitar/Bass
Steve Zywica – Percussion

Where You Can Buy It:

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