I DIVIDE – Never Be Stopped

Who They Are: “Exploding out of Exeter with blistering single – ‘The Arrival’, I Divide made an enviable grand entrance into the UK rock scene at the dawn of 2011, dazzling fans with aggressive and epic anthems that summon forth the finest moments of We Are The Ocean and Deaf Havana. Led by unique vocal talent Tom Kavanagh, this tight knit quintet comprises axemen Henry Selley and Josh Wreford backed by drummer Dave Mooney and bass maestro Kristen Hughes. Released under original moniker ‘Dancing With The Enemy’.

Why I Like Them: Hurray! I dig the upbeat temp of this tune. And as you know I’m a freak for that harmony/melody thing and that is up front and center here. It would mix well with bands like Fallout Boy and is reminiscent of older Linkin Park. This particular song has a great soaring quality to it that keeps you pumped up for the duration. There are some really nice vocal feats here that shouldn’t be missed. Excellent guitar work and smashing drums always make for a happy listener.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff:  I do love this song and would be more than happy to listen to the rest of their body of work. I may not have it on all my playlists, but there are a couple that it would fit very nicely on.

The Band is:

Tom Kavanagh – Vocals
Henry Selley – Guitar
Josh Wreford- Guitar/Backing Vocals
Dave Mooney- Drums
Kristen Hughes – Bass

Where You Can Buy It:

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