SINEMA – Crazy

Who They Are: A four piece hard rock band of best friends from Birmingham, AL. We came together because of a mutual love for music and the stage we’ve had all our lives. The diverse backgrounds and skill of each member only makes for a more exciting sound and stage performance. The future is limitless, we are SINEMA, and we will never stop.


Why I Like Them: This song sounds like my 20’s. I love the lyrics for this one. I have a few friends I’m already planning on sharing this tune with. I’m thinking Buck Cherry would be a pretty comparable band when it comes to lyrics and vocals. I’m totally down with that I love this sound musically and vocally. There is just the right amount of dirty to the voice that it really sets off the lyrics perfectly. As far as the musical aspects the band know’s what their instruments are capable of and really make it work.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes. It makes me feel young again, or some such shit.


The Band is:

Ryan Sayn – Lead Vocal & Rhythm Guitar
Cody Miskelley – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Nathan Howell – Bass Guitar & Vocals
Andrew Bobulinski – Drums & Vocals

Where You Can Buy It:

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