Southbound Fearing – Easy Way Out

Love this rhythm! The bass line is pretty damn good. If you read my reviews you know I don’t really mention bassist all that much, but nods to this guy. Love the low strung sound. I can’t really think of any one I would compare them to for a reference. So let me just shoot from the hip, the singer reminds me a bit of Jesse James Dupree, mostly in terms of both of them having a higher register but pulling it off wonderfully. Rocking ass guitar line man. I though the chorus was pretty damn catchy. I imagine I’m going to have it running through my head later this evening for sure.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yeah. I really dug this track.


Who They Are:We’re a rock n’ roll band from Toledo OH. Three full length albums and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of miles later we’re just getting started.

The Band is:

Brady Leonard – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Eric Ade – Lead Guitar
Nathan Ball – Drums
Eric Nelson Wheatley – Bass

Where You Can Buy It:

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