Strength In Shadows – War Machine

Ok, this song is nothing but fun from the get go. The guitar work is absolutely stellar, the drums are fast and thunderous. I’m in freaking love with the clean and dirty vocals. This is a fast and furiously upbeat rock your ass song. The bridge where is slows down just a bit (mostly in the vocal style) really is working for me. It’s just the momentary break that you need. When it picks back up your ready for it to kick your ass again. There is a sweet ass guitar solo in the middle that will blow your mind. This guy is good and I don’t mean just good, I mean great. There is so much fret work going on I’m getting finger cramps right now. This is like the best of the 80’s stlye rock with today’s metal influence.

This may well be the perfect song. I could put it on a list with everyone from HIM to Stone Sour back to some classic Motley Crue and Skid Row.  I need this song on my phone and my server. I neeeeed to be able to take this track with me everywhere I go so I can make people listen to it. I’m not going to stick to a genre here, all I’m going to say is if you like music you should be listening to this song right now.


Who They Are:
We all have our shadows. It’s those dark parts of our lives and of our past that make us who we are, just as much as the positive things that have happened to us. It’s those secrets that give us strength. Strength In Shadows.

The Band is:
Open Auditions – Vocals
Brandon Melendez- Lead Guitar
Nick Lu- Guitar
Tyler Larson- Bass
Jean Arce- Drums



Where You Can Get It:

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