Wild Horse – No Name

This song has some serious Rolling Stones influence going on. A lot of it comes from the vocalist who is channeling Mick. But it’s not just a stones influence that can be felt, it’s got just a touch of punk to it as well. I feel that most in the delivery of the lyrics, they have an almost sarcastic tone. Musically this is a great piece. I really dig those drum rolls and the guitar work is fairly simple but incredibly effective. It allows the vocals to shine and the drums to be a present force without fading in the background of the song.

Did I like it, why yes I did! I would love to put it on a list with my favorite Stones songs like Honky Tonk Woman. I do get a touch of nostalgia listening to it. I would love to listen to some of their other work to see what else they have going on. Overall for those into classic rock you can’t go wrong with this track.


Who They Are:
Formed in April 2013 by two brothers, Henry & Jack Baldwin & their friend, Ed “Barking” Barnes, after playing in various combinations at “Rock School” sessions provided by their school Heathfield Community College.

The combination of the three instantly worked forming a talented and skilled band with massive stage presence & ability. They have a shared love of the best in R&B taking their influences from the greats such as, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Hendrix, The Who, Neil Young etc. and are not afraid to experiment with Reggae & punk influences to give a unique sound & depth to their own songs.

Their first gig was on May 20th 2013 at The Six Bells, Chiddingly where their version of Free Bird caused a sensation with the audience giving the band their first encore at their first gig. With the Hendrix like antics of Jack, The Moon like drumming of Ed & the solid skilled guitar of Henry, Wild Horse showed instantly that they aren’t like anything seen for a very long time.

Wild Horse regularly spend time in a professional studio where they have recorded enough tracks for their first album, due for release in November 2014 & including many Wild Horse original tracks as well as some favourite covers. The band are already working on the material for a second album & will start to record shortly.

From versions of the great R&B standards to their own songs, Wild Horse have been captivating audiences gig after gig, and now with Henry on vocals the package is almost complete.

In 2014, Wild Horse were recognised by being the nomination for “Rock The House” for the Bexhill & Battle area by MP Greg Barker.

Aged between 12 to 15 years old the future potential of this group is limitless.

The Band is:
Henry Baldwin
Jack Baldwin
Ed “Barking” Barnes





Where You Can Get It:

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