Subterranean Popular – Queen of the World

Oh man, I feel like I did the first time I heard Nirvana or Stone Temple Pilots! This has the same grungy wonderful vibe that those bands did. I even get just the faintest whiff of Violent Femmes!! The vocals are that awesome “I don’t care” style that all the great grunge/underground bands had. I also am in love with the bass line. It’s so rare I get to comment on a bass line since they seem to get hidden a lot. This is such a treat for bass lovers! The guitar is also pretty noncommittal which is super cool.

Straight up I need to have this song. I would play it here there and everywhere cause it’s just so damn cool. I could set this in a playlist with the grunge greats from the 90’s along with some of the punk bands in the 80’s (yeah, I’m talking to you DK). I love, love, love it!

Hi… So, we’re Subterranean Popular. We hate doing these things, it feels like a job interview or like we’re writing a CV… but screw it, here it goes.

We’re a multi-gendered, guy-fronted, 3-piece riot-grrl rock band (how’s that for a long intro), based in London and currently making our merry little way around the toilet circuit looking for a home that will serve us tasty soup.
We’ve been compared to bands like The Pixies, Sonic Youth and Nirvana in the past, but still been praised for our distinctive Indie and Pop-tinged sound, with catchy little riffs and big, tasty melodies; juxtaposing sometimes summery sounds with lots of fuzz, and dark lyrics.

Subterranean Popular formed in 2012, and after going through the usual chaotic line-up changes ended up with an eclectic but fitting mix of thinkers, artists and scribblers; a borderline genius academic and feminist thinker on drums, an expert artist and illustrator on bass and an Orwell obsessed, Bronte and Plath loving writer on guitar and vocals. A collection of slightly spacey ex-introverts who have been wrenched from their shells by bright lights and the scream of the crowd. Who needs therapy when you have music?

This all takes a back seat to our real love, which is playing our own brand of blistering indie-grunge rock, with the ultimate aim of escaping the bland, dead-eyed world of industrialised creativity where all talents are just used to sell the products of a big company. Well, we can dream can’t we?

The Band is:

Daniel Crudge – Guitar and Vocals
Alex Mac – Drums and Vocals
Sid Allen – Bass




Where You Can Get It:

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