Sugar Bear Trio – Skeletons and Bones

There is something about this song that makes me want to go out and grab the nearest copy of ‘Brother Where Art Thou?’ To me that is a good thing. It’s kinda that style of music that makes you just have to listen. That voice it absolutely perfect for this song. It’s a bit raspy and a touch ragged and all around perfect all things considered. I’m pretty sure there is a banjo in there somewhere and how awesome is that? Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a washboard used in the band along with that swinging harmonica!

If you’re into something a little different then you have to check this one out. I would love to have it on my server though the only song I can readily think to pair it with is the song I reviewed by Drought. Even that is only because Drought uses a banjo in their songs. Oh, yeah I would also put this with ‘Man of Constant Sorrow’ cause that would just be awesome! I have to say it helped to turn my frown upside down as I was having a stressful day. Thanks guys for giving me this awesome tune to review!


There is something about this song that makes me want to go out and grab the nearest copy of ‘Brother Where Art Thou?’ Click To Tweet

Who They Are:

Sugar Bear Trio is a gene pool.
Sugar Bear and brother Ronzo were born in St. Louis Mo. and transplanted to L.A. Mom sang with Buck Owens, Jim Reeves,many others. Dad played in Danny Kays Orchestra and honky tonks.Uncle Andy and Uncle Royce were The hosts of ‘The California Hayride'{pre Hew Hah} signed to Decca records as The Austin Brothers. Uncle Andy became a successful songwriter in Nashville and Uncle Royce and his daughter Jeanie became ‘The Kendalls’ winning 4 Grammys and Jeanie sang on Ringo Stars first solo album ‘Beaucoups of Blues’.
Sugar Bear played and recorded in N-Sync as guitar player. That was like Stevie Ray bein’ with David Bowe.He quit the band and began playing with brother Ronzo and son Kort ,14 at the time and started.
Sugar Bear Trio.
12 discography
8 ABC Radio Effigy awards, toured USA and 8 countries and heard on the airwaves in 154.
Enjoying touring with national acts and headlining.We have developed a love for the studio also.
Sugar Bear Trio is a gene pool. Listen for us in your town or city!
Check out my professional profile and connect with me on LinkedIn.

Marvin Lee, INDEPENDENT MUSIC PROFESSIONAL, USAF “Sugar Bear is as fine an Artist and Repertoire representative as you are likely to find in today’s evolving music business model. Knowledgeable and personable while maintaining transparent communications, these are highly skilled and strictly ethical professionals. Highly recommended. Marvin Lee A&R, Dead Sea Records CEO, No Victor Music” November
“This is a very exciting and provocative group. This group is quite reliable and will delight any audience with it’s one of a kind appeal. Expect great things from the Sugar Bear Trio – they deliver today and for tomorrow with the best harmony, the best great songs and a style that is uniquely Sugar Bear.” August 10, 2009 DJ FEMMIE Jackson ,CEO, OWNER, MUSIC REVIEWER, DJ MUSIC REVIEWS, , SIERRA DONNAENTERTAINMENT

The Band is:
Sugar Bear – Guitar, Guitar, vocals, harmonica, mandolin
Ronzo – Bass, Guitar, vocals, mandolin
Kort Elsworth – Drums




Where You Can Get It:

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