Akrazia Project – Public Love Clash

This is a rather interesting song. I like a lot of the sound effects they are using to create this oddly abstract piece of music. It comes off to me as an ambient work, on that would be really good in the morning as you’re getting your coffee and chilling before starting the rat race. As with all the ambient tunes I’ve reviewed there are no lyrics though there are “soundbytes” laced throughout the track. It’s got a lot of peaks and valleys during its run time, so if you like a song with good modulation this one is for you.

While I would never try to claim I am an expert when it comes to ambient music so take this with a grain of salt, this was not my favorite ambient tune ever. Personally I thought it repeated some of the sound effects a bit too much. I think that there is definetly some talent behind this track but I would really like to see Akrazia work with a couple of the rappers I’ve worked with. I imagine that the combination of this group and a rap veteran would produce an amazing song. I would love to hear some feedback from fans of this genre.  Perhaps I’m viewing it in the wrong light and this would be considered more electronic than ambient. Though classification really doesn’t much change the review.


I wasn’t able to find any information about the band nor could I find more than one song. I have reached out to the group to see if I can get more info or links to more music. I will update this review as soon as I hear some thing!

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