Sycantrhope – Preservation of Perversion

Ok, so the intro is very synthy and oriental. I love the oriental vibe in just about any song. There is some simple keyboard work that overlays the synth work that is really nice.  There is a modulating tempo that brings you up and then down. Feels like moments of reflection followed by inspiration. The programming allows Vadym Z. to weave the sounds from his instruments into a rich tapestry of sound. I would call this an ambient piece that is both a contemplative and inspirational work.

While this is not my cup of tea (I don’t really listen to ambient music), I would encourage any one who loves ambient to check this out. I was fascinated by the complex layering of sounds and the slowly changing tempos. If I was more into this style of music I would surely have it on a playlist. So please don’t let my personal opinion on it keep you from giving it a listen.


Who They Are:

Start of the project dates back to 2009, when they begin first trials and first issues arise. By the variety of sound tastes arises a mix between rock music and electronic music, taking experimentally form. In 2013, tests will sound as a whole are made, and shortly after the first EP with three tracks edited. In late 2013, he recorded the first album, made a variety of topics before recorded as demos. In early 2014, the project decided to play around with sounds and record an environmental album, but it’s just another experiment more. Currently he is preparing the third album that will follow the line of the first, with added vocals. Main component of the project Vadym Z. (Sycantrhope). A mix of experimental music made by mixing classical, electronic and environmental sounds. Inspired from classical music to the xtreme metal.

The Band is:

Sycantrhope (Vadym Z.) – All instruments and programming.

Website: Sycantrhope-Project

Twitter: @sycantrhope

Youtube: Sycantrhope

Where You Can Get It:

Bandcamp soundcloud_logo1_1_c6844f[1]  reverbnation-iconblack[1]


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