American Island – I’m Down

Oh lordy, it’s like they know me. If this was a Facebook quiz, this would be my jam! I’m down but I’m not giving up. Needless to say I’m quite taken with the lyrics to this song. I think that the vocalist has done a great job in connecting with this story and he sell’s it well. Nice falsetto by the way. I was equally impressed with the musical composition. It’s just a bit wistful in its poppy upbeat tempo. It comes off as a very classic style pop rock beat. The overall guitar riff also helps keep this song light on it’s feet. I think it really does come off as a pick me up song.

I love songs that I can connect with lyrically. For me it opens the whole rest of the song up. This was like a ray of sunshine after a long week in the dead of winter. Could be the mood I’m in today, but I’d wager I would feel the same any other day of the week. The music was just upbeat enough that it keeps the lyrics from becoming too heavy and I appreciate that. I have a handful of songs that speak to me in the same way from bands like Foo Fighters, Drought and Filter.


Who They Are:
The official facebook page of American Island, rock and roll/indie pop band based out of Seattle, WA. Be sure to follow us across all our various social media and to check out our website:

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The Band is:
Spencer Mertel
Chris Paxton
Rory Menteer
Chip Burgess
Spencer Phillips (AKA Booker)





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