Tattered – Lies

Dude, I totally love that guitar riff in the intro. Am I feeling some serious Rise Against influence here or am I way off base? I think it’s that guitar work that is giving me that vibe so hard core. The drum work is extremely solid. It’s an up tempo rock beat with a couple of really nice change ups. The vocalist is able to do both clean and screaming vocals, always a plus in my book. The lyrical content is not of a shiny happy nature by any means, but that is what I like about them. Those lyrics are real this kind of thing happens and I felt the singer connect really well and told a great story.

All in all I really liked this song. I was very impressed with the guitar work and would love to hear more of it. The vocalist’s ability to connect with his lyrics allowed me to really get into the song. I would like to pair this song up with some Rise Against.


Who They Are:

When metal and rock collide;  “A confession of raw emotion, the styling of modern rock, the sound of modern metal”
Five musicians with different styles converging all they know into one. “From death metal to funk, we all have different tastes in music. That is what makes the band what it is today”  says lead singer Brad. Before being signed to Blackstream records in 2013, Tattered ‘s hard work and dedication landed them on the radio in 13 countries with their self titled debut EP.  Now, their full length sophomore effort is just weeks away from release. With musical influences ranging from blues to metal to radio rock, Tattered’s second album promises to be a unique and jaw dropping sonic experience from start to finish.  Available soon wherever music is sold, you won’t want to miss it!

The Band is:

Brad Rempel – Frontman
Jeremy Balogh – Bass
Clayton Braun – Drums
Tim Daigle – Lead Guitar
Ben Braun – Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals




Where You Can Get It:

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