Carl Elizondo & The Royal Union Of Architects – Council Flat

I am getting so many flavors of music in this song it’s outrageous! I’m having a blast just setting here enjoying the patchwork quilt rich sounds. There are moments where this track feels like a 60’s throw back with a dash of Oasis and maybe even a bit of Styx in the beginning. The drum line is a great happy, poppy beat while the guitar has this slightly muted dirty sound. I loved the guitar solo, that riff is so fun to listen to.  Vocally I am grooving on his voice. His song style reminds me of Oasis. It’s kinda trippy the way he modulates his voice.

This song is like an acid trip for your brain. I can see it as a soundtrack piece or playing at home while hanging out with friends. I like it well enough I want to hear more from the band and download this to my server. I have some Beatles, Oasis and even some Alice in Chains I was to pair it with and see what happens.


Who They Are:
Carl Elizondo & the Royal Union of Architects have been writing music for years, taking the world that revolves around them and putting it to words. A lot of their music is kind of the standard protocol of songwriting such as love gained, love lost, depression and life.

The Beatles and Oasis are the main influences in Carl’s music ” as Noel Gallagher said ” (in reference to him borrowing from the Beatles) ” if you are going to pinch, you might as well pinch from the best” “I do believe that” Carl says ” it’s not like I don’t have an original Idea in my head, I just like that sound.” “I do try to write from the hip, meaning that I try not to think the songs out too much, they are what they are”.

Taking on the daunting task of writing, recording and producing each song has been the biggest challenge Carl faces ” every day is a learning journey” not having an education in music or even recording, Carl hits this task head on. ” It doesn’t scare me, the not knowing, it invites me in, I always say -Life is based on logic- and I can think anything out, my other creed is- I will cross that bridge when I get to it-, so I don’t worry about what I don’t know, I will eventually get it!”. And he does, this can be heard on the first CD The Crystal & The Cross, and again on The Tomes of Lore.

In April 2010,they released their third Album titled Pieces of Eight (referring to the Spanish coins of old), to great reviews, among this group of self penned Brit Rock gems is “Content at Tea” a song that pays homage to a “Barmy Nack”, someone in Carls past, and “Seven Seas” a song of lost love on the high seas, these are two of the featured tracks in this collection. Carl says he has song ideas streaming into his head at all hours of the day, especially at 2 in the morning! “I have at least 40 songs that are just waiting to be recorded, plenty of fodder to choose from!” Carl usually sequesters himself in his recording studio towards the winter months, his favourite time of the year to record. “Sales are good, wish they were better but I’m not in this to become rich, just got to get this stuff out o me head?
The next CD scheduled for a 2012 release is titled:
At Her Majesty’s Command We Present: The Royal Union of Architects”

The Band is:
Carl Elizondo
Bobby Collini
Carl James
Carlos E. Drummer




Where You Can Get It:

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