The Afterparty – Liar, liar

Who They Are: Sadly I could not find a bio on the band. If I get a hold of one, I’ll get it posted.

Why I Like Them: Ok, seriously I don’t understand why I haven’t listened to this band already. I finally got to a point where I was actively trying to find some thing I didn’t like. But even my go to (lyrics) didn’t apply. The whole thing is unreal! You have great pounding drums, some seriously aggressive guitar work and some sweet bass action. All this is resting just under the surface of a great rock voice.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I already am. ’nuff said. I wish I had more stars to rate them with.


The Band is:

Nic Matthews – Vocals
Matt Semmens – Guitar
Joe Roshier – Guitar
Dave Sheard – Bass
Matt ‘Muscles’ Russell – Drums

Where You Can Buy It:


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