3 Pill Morning – Rain

Who They Are: Forged in the hard rock proving grounds of Minneapolis, MN in 2004, 3 Pill Morning could be described as trial by fire. Simply put, music was never a question for lead vocalist Jeff Stebbins and failure was never an option. While other musicians were moving from project to project and band to band, Stebbins took a different path, consistently growing and evolving 3 Pill Morning into an anthemic rock band no one could deny.

Why I Like Them: 2 seconds in and I’m in love with this track already. This is the kind of guitar work I’ve been looking for. Crunchy, sarcastic, dirty and blistering! I really want to crank up the volume and piss everyone around me off.  Vocals are really strong I love the confidence I’m hearing cause the lyrics and music demand it. You need to be a cocky sum’ bitch to sing this one. Remember that when your drunk at a Karaoke bar later in the year.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Absolutely. In fact if mine eye did not decieve me they are on tour (or about to be?) with Theory of a Dead Man. I think it’s a perfect match and would be happy to pay some cash for that ticket.

The Band is:

Jeff – Vocals
Aaron – Guitar / Keys
Riplee – Bass /Vocals
Trent – Drums

Where You Can Buy It:

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