The AK Band – Moving On

First thought: I really need to watch a John Hughes movie while listening to this track. This is a classic 80’s New Wave style song very much in the same vein as The Breakfast Club and Simple Minds. That makes it really kinda fun for me. I keep getting these vocal flashbacks of Simon Lebon from Duran Duran. I feel like I should get up and do the white girl dance. There is a really good guitar solo in the middle of the song that is worth a listen. The vocals are in a higher register and are clean and round. There are some awesome sound effects in the song as well.
Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I can’t lie, I have all of the above bands on my server. I do still listen to them from time to time as well so this would fit in nicely.


Who They Are: The ‘AK Band’ was formed in the 80’s by ‘Johnny AK’ Guitar, with ‘Nev’ on Vocals & Bass and ‘Maz’ on Drums. Our music has been categorized as ‘Power Pop’, but we prefer the term ‘Rock/Reggae’. The band has released several records, mostly on the RCA label and toured major venues, i.e. Hammersmith Odeon, Rainbow Theater, The Apollo’s etc. We’ve played with the likes of Steve Gibbons, The Kinks, Brian Robertson, Chris Thompson, Joe Cocker and worked with some great people

The Band is:

Johnny AK

Where You Can Buy It:

Unknown at this time.

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