Alice Sweet Alice – M.I.A.

Love that voice so much. It’s nostalgic, sweet and warm. There is an elegant edge to her voice that really grabs your attention. There is some thing decidedly folksy about her singing that just seems to work with the musical composition. The tempo isn’t breakneck by any means but I did catch some really nice drumming techniques at work. Both the guitar and bass players are really good at what they do in setting the mood for the story their singer is telling.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I think so. I thought the song taken as a whole was really compelling. They are local to me so I think I want to go see a live show as well.


Who They Are: Fuse fearsome dedication with four diversely talented musicians, a mind-boggling work-ethic and a positive mission, and you’re facing an unstoppable force. Welcome to Alice Sweet Alice (ASA), a Kansas City alt rock hybrid, whose tasty tunes, stylistic diversity and passionate live show are paying dividends with a hard-to-ignore street buzz

The Band is:

Scott Martinez, Bass/Vocals
Ali Kat, Keys/Vocals
Billy Brown, Drums/Vocals
Ron Bales, Guitars

Where You Can Buy It:

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