The Aviators – What do you want from me

We’ve got a nice upbeat popish rhythm with a rather nice guitar line. It’s making me think of summer, hanging out with my friends drinking and doing generally dumb stuff. Not so much lyrically but from the beat. Lyrically it’s a first love story (to me). I could easily see this in a soundtrack for a romcom. I hope that comes off right as I mean that as a total compliment. It would be a great morning song, it’s got that energizing beat and style to it. I like the vocalists voice and the way he tells a story. I get the scantest bit of gravel in his voice in parts of the song that are sheer perfection considering his tone.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I wasn’t sure the first time I listened, but after the second time around I’ve already got the song stuck in my head (a good thing). So yeah I would listen to more of this. I want to add them to my One Republic/Maroon 5 playlist.

Who They Are: The Aviators from Glasgow have gone from strength to strength in their short time together as a band. Self-releasing a three song EP early in the band’s career to a sold out Classic Grand audience which later went on sale in HMV stores nationally.

The Band is:

Vocals/ Guitar – Darren Hutton
Bass – Ewen Cameron
Guitar – Calum Campbell
Drums/ Vocals – Steven O’Neill

Where You Can Buy It:


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