J. Latham – Disaster

Right off the bat I’m thinking progressive country. Which is totally cool, I’ve always loved prog country personally. I really like this guys voice but the production seems a bit low and that seems to step on his vocals a bit. I am not holding that against the song or artist by the way. The guitar work is excellent. There is a certain feeling you should be getting when you listen to a song like this. If you’ve been exposed to a lot of progressive country you know what I’m talking about and this track certainly conveys that feeling beautifully. I also am enjoying the pacing here. Kinda Neil Youngish really.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I have a playlist that contains bands like Amazing Rhythm Aces, Poco, Eagles and Kansas. This song would be a prefect fit for that list.


Who They Are: Just a country boy with a city swagger… doing time in the Las Vegas Desert, while making Indie Folk Rock, with Pop sensibilities, and an Electronic twinge…

The Band is:

J. Latham

Where You Can Buy It:

Unknown at the moment.

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