The Dead Sexy – Sleeping Beauty

Oh dear lord, I love this song! It’s some of my favorite styles all rolled up in one terrific song. There are vocal floaty moments, clean vocals, dirty vocals a double bass and awesome guitar riffs. There are a couple of vocalists in this group and I’m not sure who does what, but I love them both! The floaty guy has that floaty quality to his vocals that always makes me smile. He has a good range and can hold a note. I like how the screaming/growly vocals are present but not in your face, almost like an echo effect. That occasional double bass damn near makes the song worth listening to all by itself. I love how newer bands are using that in a more mainstream style song application. It’s a great intro to harder metal songs. It’s what brought me into the fold.

I more than like this song. I love this song. It’s going on my server and I’m putting it on my phone. I would match this one up with a couple of the songs I’ve reviewed here. The first one I think of that I would mix this with is From Ashes to New. I would also put Divot on that list as well. Make sure you check out this band, it’s certainly one to watch!


Who They Are:
What if you were told there is a New Way? What if you were told a band would form that would bleed every splintered off sub-genre you can imagine into one, stand-alone, hybrid Rock sound? Would you believe it? Well, it’s true and that band is Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy.

The Dead Sexy, led by singer/songwriter Adrian Pain, is quickly becoming the band to watch for in the Canadian Rock & Metal scene. Formed in Toronto, in 2011 while Adrian was recording his solo indie release “Love Letters & Suicide Notes” the band now consists of Adrian Pain and Josh Carter (Vocals) Hayden Davidson & Matt Jenkins (Guitars) Ryan Strickland (Bass) and teen phenom Ethan Clark (Drums).

Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy create a new, powerful & melodic rock/metal sound with emotionally stirring lyrical content that some innovative people in the music industry may refer to as Metalcore, and many innovative fans now affectionately refer to as NuMetalcore. The band themselves prefer to call it “All-Core”, citing the fact that any music you love should be influential. “When I got to the crossroads a ‘Little Red Corvette’ & a Big Black Hearse had just been in a Head-On collision.” ~ Adrian Pain

“The First One Is Free” by Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy available on iTunes Now!

“Picture Day At Night School” By Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy coming July 2014.

The Band is:
Adrian Pain – Vocals
Ethan Clark – Drums
Hayden Davidson – Guitar
Jonathan Young – Vocals
Matt Jenkins – Guitar
Ryan Strickland – Bass
Brian Gosling – Guitar




Where You Can Get It:

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