The Ever Glows – Walking In The Air

If new wave from the 80’s and punk had a baby I’m pretty sure this would be the offspring. It evokes feelings I’ve not gotten from music since the songs of the 60’s. Yet the musical composition and vocals don’t really fit that era. Like I said it’s a New Wave/Punk mash song. The guitar work is so well done with this almost sharp edge that meld perfectly into the drum work. Those vocals are killing me though. He’s got a rough edge to his voice and a damn near sarcastic deliver.

I liked it. Though I found it a bit hard to review because there was so much happening. I could listen to this song a million times and still wanna listen to it one more time. The imagery I got from the music and lyrics was really cool. I kinda mentally set it to a tense moment in a horror movie and it worked amazingly well. Playlist wise, ah… who cares? I’ll put it on a list with anything, see if I won’t.!


Who They Are:
The Everglows are a powerful three piece band from East London taking influences from the 60’s sounds of Mod, garage and psychedelia as well as new wave and Britpop. We create catchy songs with a retro vibe. Our sound has been described as somewhere between Elvis Costello, Weller and the Black Keys.

We got together in February 2013 and spent most of the year perfecting the sound if the band and getting the song right. We did a handful of open mic nights and ended the year doing a gig at the legendary Ace Cafe in London.In 2014 we have played a handfull of local shows and had two live radio sessions for Krystal Radio and Croydon FM. We made our London debut at the Sebrite Arms,Bethnel Green and ended June supporting Britpop ledgends Dodgy at the Cambridge Junction. June 28th we make our festival debut at the Chingford Village Festival.July we passed 2000 listens to our soundcloud page and made our London West End debut at The Comedy venue in Piccadilly. Sugary Sun was released mid August and is now on New York City label Factory Fast’s sampler CD. September 4th we went to the Phoenix FM studio and did a live session and interview.

We have since recorded some demos which are doing well on and our following is growing on twitter@theeverglows.

The Band is:
Andy Smith – guitar & vocals
Ray Brodrick – drums
Steve Perkins – bass.



Where You Can Get It:



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