The Greenery Commons – I Can’t Feel (feat. Tanner Wright)

I can feel the smile spreading over my face as I listen. Over the years I’ve developed a love for scream vocals. For most of the songs I listen to removing those vocals would just destroy the song. This is an excellent example of what I’m talking about. This is considered Nu Metal I suppose. There’s some crazy change ups with the vocals and the music. While there are moments of clean singing there is a lot more scream style on this jam. Both styles are flawlessly done, I can’t pick a favorite style from this guy. Musically I love the way it’s almost understated. They could have easily gone with bigger guitar riffs, but again that would have destroyed an other wise awesome song. The drums keep a blazing pace for most of the song with the exception of what I would call an interlude. The song slows down for a minute before slowly building you back up for the conclusion. This is an excellent track.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes, yes and yes. This song is so totally playlistable! I can think of so many bands I could put them with and it would be a flawless fit.


Who They Are: The Greenery Commons is a pop punk/post-hardcore band from Southern Indiana, dedicated to making the most melodic, and punishing music there is to offer. With the many different playing styles that encompass the guys in the band, their music is sure to draw you in to sing along or make you want to get a little rowdy.

The Band is:

Ian Davis – Clean/Scream vocals
Griffin Robbins – Lead Guitar
D’Allen Anguish – Bass Guitar
Hayden Peach – Drums/Back up vocals

Where You Can Buy It:

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