The Penguin Party – Get Rich Or Try Dying

I like the funky beat in the intro. Oh man, it makes me think of some of the 80’s pop that I loved so much. You know like the British pop invasion bands. I love the vocals on this track, it’s not really a clean style, but it’s not really got grit to it. Just a random touch of rough around the edges. The tempo is nice and upbeat and I could see boppin’ around the house to it. I’d like to play it for my daughter, she loves songs like this.

I’m going to go check out some of the rest of their stuff. This was a fun track and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I think I would put it on my Irish Pub mix. I have some Chumbawamba on there and I think they would actually work together.


Who They Are:
Crafty powerpop and alternative rock song-stories for grown-ups. You’ll probably recognise people you know in the lyrics. Reassuringly accessible but with an edge like bitter chocolate.
Like The Small Faces on a Tuesday, Ian Dury fronting the Byrds. Like XTC covering Squeeze. Like Martin Newell joining Madness. Like Kirsty MacColl if she was a bloke from Essex. Like skimming across a pond on a sunny day in an old fashioned rowing boat, dangling your fingers in the water and unexpectedly having one of them bitten off by something just below the surface.

The Band is:
Dave Milligan (Vocals, Guitars, keys)
Gareth Hall (Bass and Guitar)
Jake Milligan (Guitar)
John Holburn (Drums) 2012 on
Jan Black (Keys and Bass) 2012 on





Where You Can Get It:

Bandcamp reverbnation_logo_light_flat[1]  


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